Ole Christian Madsen, here at TIFF with Danish smash hit Flame & Citron (The Match Factory has sold to 25 territories including IFC for the US), has several new projects in the works.

The first to shoot will be a film about sex addiction to shoot in Denmark in December or January on a budget of about $1.5m. The story follows a man and woman who meet in rehab. 'The tone is a dark lonely story, like Leaving Las Vegas,' Madsen said.

He is also planning a bigger film, Eik & Eben, about famous Dutch 1960s beatnik Eik Skaloe. 'He was the Danish Jim Morrison,' Madsen told Screen. 'This is a huge love story and also about longing for freedom.'

The final project he has at very early stages is a two-film project about soldiers at war and their turbulent homecomings.

His own OC Films is planning all three with Nimbus Film producer Lars Bredo Rahbek, who also produced Flame & Citron.