Speaking at the San Sebastian film festival, Oliver Stone revealed he wants tomake a film about the current war on terror, and is searching for the rightkind of story.

He was at pains to stress,however, that he didn't want to go down the journalistic route, favoured bydirectors like Michael Moore. "Film-makers are not journalists," he stressed."Too many film-makers are chasing news stories, but not coming out with thetruth. I want to do a film about the current political situation, but haven'tyet found the right angle to approach it from."

This was a follow-onperformance from his World Trade Center pressconference in Venice, where he attacked the cultural problem of violencein US movies. This time he chose to tackle the US reaction to September 11th and the invasoins of Iraq and Afghanistan. "We all wanted a reaction to 9/11 and we got itwith the Iraq war," he said smiling. But went onto stress that the war "is now a disgrace" and that "President Bush has set theUS back ten years".

In contrast he also admittedto being a staunch "supporter of the system", within which he includes thepoliceman portrayed in his film and the soldiers that he fought alongside in Vietnam. "Times are dark, the humanrace is starved of hope. I hope this film and the characters in it can be seenas a candle of light," he concluded.