Olly Alexander has had a baptism of fire in his first year as an actor. After playing a bright, artistic schoolboy in BBC children's series Summerhill, this 17-year-old segued into one of the lead roles in French maverick Gaspar Noe's Enter The Void. Shot over two months in Tokyo and now in post-production, the film takes on an array of controversial issues as it follows two young men whose lives are ripped apart by drugs. Playing the volatile, confused, drug addicted co-lead gave Alexander the chance to stretch his acting muscles and prove he is not afraid of a creative challenge. 'Making the film was a real chance to explore the character in depth,' he says. 'Those are the kind of projects I would like to make - ones that provoke a reaction and have something to say. Someone told me it's never good for an actor not to take risks. And Enter The Void is a risk.'

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