The European premiere of Dana Brown’s motorcycle documentary On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter will open the action strand Savage Cinema at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, set to run in the Basque region from September 19-27.

Brown’s film is the follow-up to his father Bruce Brown’s acclaimed On Any Sunday, the iconic 1971 documentary about motorcycle racing that featured Steve McQueen.

On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter documents the passion for motorcycles around the world and features the participation of famous names from the world of two-wheels such as Robbie Madison, Dani Pedrosa, Marc Márquez and Mickey Rourke.

The film is produced by RedBull and is the first to be announced in the second iteration of Savage Cinema, the section that caters to adventure and sport cinema, a genre that according to festival director Jose Luis Rebordinos has become a rising force.

“After a period in which these were almost entirely films for the television and video, we see more and more films like these that are shot for the big screen,” said Rebordinos.

“We are very lucky because we fill the most part of our cinema sessions but our main audience is around 40 years old,” he continued. “It’s an obsession for me to reach the young ones and this section is a very good way to draw their attention.”

Motorcycle lovers will be invited to a special event to mark the premiere of On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter.

“It’s good to mix up things,” said Rebordinos, “and the motorcycle fans will give a lot of joy and colour to the festival. The key element is to open the festival as much as we can.”

Rebordinos said he could not say at this stage how Savage Cinema would evolve. “We had zero editions and then the first official one and we are sure that the experience of this year will give us a definitive clue of what it will become,” he said.

“It might [evolve] into a competitive section or we might… [bring] buyers of this kind of cinema from all over the world and [open] a mini-market”.