French export body Unifrance has announced the fourth edition of On Set With French Cinema, to take place in the US from Oct 2006 - Jan 2007.

First held in 2003, theprogram sees France's best film directors teach masterclasses tobudding US film-makers.

This year's On Set directorsare Anne Fontaine, Jacques Audiard, Costa-Gavras, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Gaspar Noe, Nicolas Philibert and Jean-Francois Richet.They will share their expertise at Columbia University, Harvard, NYU, Yale, UCLA, USC, Stanford, San Francisco State,the American Film Institute and NY's School of Visual Arts.

In previous years, directorsPatrice Chereau, Bruno Dumont, Regis Wargnier, Bertrand Tavernier, Agnes Vardaand Luc Besson have participated in the program. Lastyear saw the creation of a European version of the program, held in Germany April - May.