Colin Firth scores (kind of) at Emirates Stadium.

To anyone but a football fan, the prospect of spending an evening sitting on a pitch in the rain watching a film that’s over 10 years old must seem like madness. However to an ardent Arsenal fan like yours truly, it was pretty much the definition of a perfect way to spend a soggy Monday night.

For the first time since it opened in 2005, Arsenal Football Club allowed me to walk onto the hallowed Emirates turf and spend an evening in the company of like-minded people to watch none other than the greatest film about football ever (maybe not if you’re a Liverpool fan…sorry Louise) – Fever Pitch.

Despite having seen this 1997 gem several times and encountering weather wetter than Arsenal’s end to the season (apologies to non-football fans for the analogy), I couldn’t help but get swept up in the film all over again and the feeling was clearly mutual as every football-related moment of the film was greeted with appropriate cheers or agony to cap off a truly unique way of watching the film.

Not only did it remind me that Mark Strong did once play good guys and not the perpetual villain he’s become so adept at and just how far Colin Firth has come, the screening also led me to think that the stadium-screening idea was a relatively untapped goldmine.

Just imagine witnessing Charlie’s championship winning puck from the genre-defining The Mighty Ducks while sitting in the stands at the Honda Center where the team, named after the film, now play. Perfection right?

Just me then…