Christ will rise again inthe UK at Easter next year. UK distributor Icon Film Distribution has announcedthat Mel Gibson's 18-certificate blockbuster film, The Passion Of The Christ,will receive a theatrical re-release in the UK on March 25 (Good Friday), 2005.

Exhibitor response to theidea will dictate the scope of the release which is likely to be a limitedre-release in both length of run and number of sites played.

Sally Caplan, president ofUK distribution, suggests if the re-release proves successful it may have thepotential for an annual release.

The Passion Of The Christ, which stars Jim Caviezel, grossed $19.8m (£11.1m)from its original UK theatrical run which launched on March 12 this year andhas gone on to substantial over the counter DVD sales.

Meanwhile, almost a yearafter being released around the world, The Passion of The Christ willhave its first public screening in Israel on December 24 at the Tel AvivCinematheque, which will screen the film as part of a seminar on differentreligions.