Elemental Films' One Life Stand and controversial BBC Scotland television drama Tinsel Town lead the nominations for the third biennial BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards.

A recent winner for Best Achievement in production at the British Independent Film Awards, the low-budget digital feature One Life Stand tells of the complex relationship between a mother and son. It has secured nominations for Maureen Carr in the Best Film Performance category, Karen M Smyth as Best Producer and May Miles Thomas in both the Best Writer and Best Film Director categories.

Tinsel Town, a cutting-edge saga of life and love in Glasgow club land, has received Best Television Performance nominations for Dawn Steele and Kate Dickie, a Best Producer nomination for Robbie Allen and a Best Television Director nomination for actress turned director Caroline Paterson. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Glasgow on November 26.

The full list of nominees:

Best Drama:
There is one winner in this category and no nominations. The winner will be
disclosed on the evening of the awards.

Best Documentary:
Body And Soul (Dir/Prod: Kara Johnston)
I Am Boy (Dir: Mandy McIntosh. Prod: Jason E Bowman)
Sub 18 (Dir: ISO. Prod: Blackwatch)

Best Short Film:
Rice Paper Stars (Dir: Andy Goddard)
Station (Dir: Jackie Oudney)
What do Busy People Do All Day' (Dir: Martin Morrison)

Best Animation:
The Green Man Of Knowledge (Rachel Bevan-Baker)
How the Sea Was Salt (Campbell McAllister)
The Lonely Widow (John Gorman)

Best TV Production:
Coming Soon (Episode 1) (Dir: Annie Griffin. Prod: Anna Campeau)
I Saw You (Dir: Ewan Morrison. Prod: David Muir)
Kings Of The Wild Frontier (Dir: Andy Goddard. Prod: Gaynor Holmes)

Best New Media:
Braveheart Strategy Game (Prod: Red Lemon)
Timewalk Village (Prod: Julian Heathcote/Sam Maynard, Eolas Media Ltd)
Without You (Dir/prod: Eve Blackwood)
www.zoukclub.com (Prod: Black ID)

Best Producer:
Karen M. Smyth for One Life Stand
Robbie Allen for Tinsel Town
Gary Chippington for Velvet Cabaret

Best Director (Film):
Steven Morrison for Frog
May Miles Thomas for One Life Stand
Dalziel & Scullion for Pressure Of Spring
Jackie Oudney for Station

Best Director (Television):
Andy Goddard for Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Ewan Morrison for I Saw You
Caroline Paterson for Tinsel Town (Episode 5)

Best Writer:
Janet Paisley for Long Haul
May Miles Thomas for One Life Stand
Connell & Florence for Velvet Cabaret

Outstanding Craft Award:
Steven Morrison for Frog
Gili Dolev for Meine Heimatstadt
Simon Dennis for Sex & Death

Best Sound or Original Composer:
Paul Leonard-Morgan for Reflections Upon the Origin of the Pineapple
Rob Kennedy for Remember Things Before They Happen
Duncan Shaw & James Grant for Transition

Best Film Performance:
Heather Keenan for Daddy's Girl
Maureen Carr for One Life Stand
Tarek Hamad for Who's My Favourite Girl'

Best Television Performance:
Stuart Wilkinson for Kings of the Wild Frontier
Dawn Steele for Tinsel Town
Kate Dickie for Tinsel Town
Gavin Mitchell, Julie Duncanson, Steven McNicoll and Mark McDonnell for Velvet Cabaret