Pioneering digital drama One Life Stand scooped five prizes at the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards in Glasgow on Sunday evening including best drama and best writer and director for its creator May Miles Thomas.

The low-budget, independent feature also secured best film performance for actress Maureen Carr. Thomas also received the Scottish Screen Award For Outstanding Achievement which honours an individual talent and carries a £10,000 prize to be used as seed finance for a future production.

Caroline Paterson, a former star of UK soap Eastenders, celebrated her move behind the camera by winning best television director for the BBC Scotland clubland drama Tinsel Town.

Main Prize Winners:

Best Television Production:
Coming Soon
(Dir/Scr: Annie Griffin. Prod: Anna Campeau)

Best Writer:
May Miles Thomas - One Life Stand

Best Animation:
Campbell McAllister - How The Sea Was Salt

Best Director - Television
Caroline Paterson - Tinsel Town

Best New Media:
Eolas Media Ltd - Timewalk Village

Best Director - Film:
May Miles Thomas - One Life Stand

Best Documentary:
Kara Johnson - Body And Soul

Best Film Performance:
Maureen Carr - One Life Stand

Outstanding Craft:
Simon Dennis - Sex & Death

Best Producer:
Robbie Allen - Tinsel Town

Best Composer Or Original Sound Design:
Paul Leonard-Morgan - Reflections Upon The Origin Of The Pineapple

Best Short Film:
What Do Busy People Do All Day'
(Dir: Martin Morrison)

Best Television Performance:
Stuart Wilkinson - Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Best Drama:
One Life Stand

Scottish Screen Award For Outstanding Achievement:
May Miles Thomas