Madness In The FirstDegree is one of the many films thatwill premiere at Cannes this year.However, promises to stand out in a unique way - it has been madeentirely by one man - Geoff Searle.

Everything from acting, toediting, to special effects, to production has been completed entirely bySearle.

It is currently marketingitself as "the world's first one man movie of its kind".

Searle, with an independentlyfinanced budget of £75,000 shot the film on 16mm and DV Cam over the course oftwo years on various locations in the UK, New York and Death Valley.

Searle commented: "Think of how many people it takes to makethese big budget films - loads. I was just curious to see what one person coulddo so I challenged myself."

The film, anaction-adventure feature explores the life of a young American filmmaker whohas inherited a dose of "concentrated madness" and must escape his ownimagination before he loses his mind altogether.

It will premiere at Canneson May 13 at 10:00am in Palais 2.