A pirate DVD seller in Hackney, London,has had her house raided and will be summonsed to appear in court. The raid wasconducted by Hackney Trading Standards and the UK's Federation AgainstCopyright Theft (FACT).

The woman, age 55, had beenselling pirate DVDs online. Officers found more than 3500 discs at her house, includingcurrent titles such as Cars, Lady In The Water and TheBreak Up. Seized equipment includes 13 DVD burners.

'Thisis yet another example of what we call the 'home entrepreneur' pirate, makinglarge criminal profits from the trade in counterfeit films through online sales,"said Raymond Leinster,FACT director general. "FACT has increased its onlineinvestigations resources and is now well placed to identify those individualsand organisations involved in this illegal activity and work closely with localcouncils and Police to bring them to justice."