The number of Europeans regularly watching online video has doubled since 2006, according to new data from JupiterResearch.

The new report finds that 28% of Europeans now regularly watch online video, making it the most popular online media activity.

Even with time spent on online video up 50%, TV is not being dramatically impacted. European internet users said they still spend more time watching TV than going online. Jupiter did acknowledge that the TV sector is likely to be challenged more as broadband connections grow and online outlets expand.

Jupiter found that short-form videos, like those found on YouTube, were most popular and only 9% of Europeans watch full-length video content. But with the success of the UK's BBC iPlayer and France's M6 Replay that trend oculd start to change.

'Models to monetize online video content are still emerging, but the audience is already there, and growing rapidly,' said David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch.