China’s OSGH makes pact with Japan’s T-Joy.

Orange Sky Golden Harvest Group (OSGH) has struck a strategic alliance with Japan’s T-Joy Group. Under the deal, OSGH will get exclusive broadcast rights for digital content provided by T-Joy including live concerts and sports games; and OSGH will feed its film production into T-Joy’s multiplexes in Japan.

Currently, T-Joy operates 19 cinemas in Japan and actively distributes local productions. In addition to movies, T-Joy also provides alternative entertainment properties such as live broadcasting of concerts and sports games.

“OSGH has been focusing on digitalization in enhancing the operation efficiency and exploring new programming opportunities. Our multiplexes in Taiwan and Hong Kong are fully-digitalized. We are confident in the success of this cooperation leveraging our state-of-the-art equipment,” said Andrew Mao, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of OSGH.

Meanwhile, in view of the growing demand for Chinese-language films, OSGH has restarted its production business and these productions will be screened at T-Joy’s 19 multiplexes in Japan, Mao noted.

Overall, the digital content partnership between the two cinema groups will cover main markets across Asia, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.

Orange Sky Golden Harvest has expanded rapidly its cinema business in China in the past one year, growing from 9 cinemas to 30. In 2011, has also expanded as a film distribution company in China, distributing three foreign films in China with box office reached $15.75m (RMB100m).