The Orange Rising Star Award will return to theBAFTAs in2007 with young hopefuls hoping to follow last year’s inaugural winner James McAvoy as winner of the public vote.

The award honours a young actor or actress who has demonstrated exceptional talent and ambition.

It was created in honour of the late Mary Selway, BAFTA-winning UK casting director who launched the careers of many young stars.

Last year’s Orange Rising Star nominees were Chiwetel Ejiofor, James McAvoy, Rachel McAdams, Michelle Williams and Gael Garcia Bernal.

‘This award is very special because it’s in honour of Mary Selway, somebody who cared about nurturing talent and not just about finding the next big thing for the next five minutes,’ said McAvoy, who has appeared this year in The Last King Of Scotland, Penelope, and Starter For Ten.

‘It’s doubly special because the audience vote for it, it feels nice to know that they are rooting for you.’

James has had an exceptional year since receiving this coveted award. Releases include , and the highly anticipated Atonement, currently in post-production.