Oscar-nominee Nils Gaup will try his luck at abig Scandinavian film challenge for the third time in his career.

The 50-year-old director is best known for Pathfinder, a film about his Lapp roots.

In The Kautokeino Rebellion, planned for February, he will tell the story of the rebellion of theoppressed Lapp people in Norway in 1852. Some of Gaup's ancestors actuallyparticipated in the rebellion.

In 1988, Nils Gaup was nominated to the Oscarfor Best Foreign Film with Pathfinder. but his American snow western Tashunga was not a happy adventure.

His next big Scandinavian project, MiseryHarbor in 1999, didn't manageto make it in from the cold either.

The Kautokeino Rebelllion could fare better with a budget of $7.6m (6.4 m Euro),supported by the Norwegian Film Foundation with co-production credits going toBorealis Productions, Filmlance International and Metronome Productions.

The movie will open in April 2007 and the filmis said to be related thematically to Pathfinder but at the same time broader in scope with alarge gallery of people and both political, economical and religiousthemes.