Following their Oscar wins, at least three films are to be re-released internationally: Spirited Away goes out on 800 screens in the US; The Pianist goes out on 60 screens in Italy and Nowhere In Africa gets a 100-screen re-release in Germany.

In Italy, The Pianist, which was first released in November 2002, grossing Euros 4.5m is re-released by RAI Cinema today, supported by a new post-Oscar campaign.

Stateside, Disney is to re-release Spirited Away on some 800 screens this Friday. The film, which was originally released on an initial 26 screens in the US last September grossed $5.6m there.

Meanwhile, Hayao Miyazaki has yet to appear before the press to comment on his win. Studio Ghibli president Toshio Suzuki explained that Miyazaki would have normally made a speech, but he "cannot truly be joyful because of the times we are in now."

In Germany, Constantin Film has recorded over 1.4 million admissions with Nowhere In Africa since its release on Dec 27, 2001, and currently has the film back showing on 100 screens.

Caroline Link's victory in the foreign language category of the Oscars was the latest in a line of positive news for the German film industry.

The win came as Wolfgang Becker's local hit Good Bye, Lenin! looks set to pass the 4 million admissions mark at the German box office.

Germany was also involved in another four Oscars for two productions: the three awards to The Pianist, co-produced with Studio Babelsberg, and the documentary Oscar to Bowling For Columbine, co-produced with the private German media fund VIF.