Kentaro Otani's Nana,a female buddy movie based on a best-selling comic and featuring a theme songby the film's co-star Miki Nakajima, has achieved a rare entertainment worldtriple whammy: the film, comic and song are all number one in their respective charts.

Produced by Japanesebroadcaster TBS and released on 296 screens on September 3, film is number oneat the Japanese box office after four days on release, with a gross of $6.4m(Y700m) on 530,000 admissions. This is close to the pace set by Crying OutLove In The Centre Of The World, the romantic drama that earned $77.3m lastyear.

Distributor Toho is nowpredicting that Nana will finish with at least $70m, which would make itthe biggest domestic film of the year.

The film tells the story ofthe unlikely friendship that grows between a chirpy, wide-eyed country girl(Aoi Miyazaki) and a sneering, kohl-eyed punk rocker (Nakajima) who happen tohave the same first name.

Meanwhile, the thirteenthpaperback collection of the eponymous comic on which the film is based, createdby Ai Yazawa, has held the top spot in comic sales rankings for the thirdconsecutive week. In addition, the film's theme song, Glamorous Sky,sung by Nakajima, is number one this week on the Oricon singles chart.