It was another magical weekend for Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone in the international market, as the Warner Bros film grossed $60.9m in 31 territories on 6,574 prints to bring its total take to $152.75m after just three weekends. Over the weekend, the film opened in 14 more countries and scored estimated admissions of 12.4m people.

In Japan, Harry opened on 650 screens and grossed $12.5m over the two days Saturday and Sunday which is an industry record. It also broke records for biggest single day ($6.8m), biggest opening day ($5.7m), biggest Saturday ($5.7m) and biggest Sunday ($6.8m). Those figures are 63% higher than Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace and 44% higher than local megahit Spirited Away.

In Australia, it was another industry record - taking $4.8m on 476 prints. In addition, Saturday was the biggest single day gross in history with A$2.7m.

In Spain, it opened on 375 prints for an industry record of $4.4m, representing about 1.1m admissions.

However, Harry wasn't industry champ everywhere. In Mexico, it couldn't beat BVI's Dinosaur which attracted 1.224m admissions in its opening weekend. Harry drew 1.053m admissions from 480 prints on 739 screens. Its gross was $3.7m.

And in Argentina, it was the third biggest opener of all time with $1.27m (about 0.255m admissions) from 173 prints. Leading the field are Titanic and Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace with 0.313m and 0.263m admissions respectively.

It also opened in Thailand where it took $1.11m from 152 prints which is the biggest opening ever for a western film, and only second to Suriyothai in the all-time pantheon.

Over the weekend, all-time industry records also fell in Greece, Israel, Iceland and Portugal.

Territories already opened continued to play well

- In Germany, Harry grossed $10.145m in its second weekend on 1,228 prints - the fifth highest weekend take ever. The total to date is $28.6m.

- In the UK, Harry took $8.45m in its third weekend on 1,168 prints to bring its total to $55.5m (11.9m admissions). It is already the seventh biggest gross of all time in the territory.

- In Brazil, it took $1.4m in its second weekend on 484 prints, bringing its total to date to $3.95m.

- In Holland, it grossed $1.28m on 243 prints for a total to date of $3.4m.

- In Taiwan, its third weekend gross was $1.2m on 58 prints, bringing its cumulative gross to date to $7.7m.