Bruce Almighty has scored the third largest opening ever in Argentina, after The Matrix Reloaded and Spider-Man. The comedy opened on Aug 14 for the long five-day weekend where Monday was a holiday to mark the day of Saint Martin, Argentina's liberator.

The comedy broke BVI's own record set by Signs (254,000 admissions) during the same period last year. Buena Vista also enjoyed the unusual privilege of releasing the top four films of the week.

Ranking second was Cleopatra, a local film released by BVI, which owns a third of the romantic comedy's producer Patagonik Films. Described as an Argentinean Thelma & Louise, the comedy/road movie stars Norma Aleandro (Son Of The Bride) and Natalia Oreiro.

Cleopatra went out on 55 screens, an unusually high number of screens for a local film.