Pac Man is coming to the big screen courtesy of Steven Paul's Crystal Sky which is teaming with Gaga Communications and the game's developer Namco to make live-action fantasy Pac Man: The Movie.

The movie follows a previous agreement between Crystal Sky, Gaga and Namco to co-finance a movie based on video game Tekken. Mike Werb and Michael Coleary, whose credits include Face/Off and The Mask, are writing the screenplay for Tekken. Both Pac Man and Tekken are being co-developed by Crystal Sky and Gaga. Pac Man will combine live-action and special effects, said Paul at MIFED. "From children to their parents, Pac Man is a name everyone knows and loves."

Crystal Sky is also teamed with Sony Pictures Entertainment on Ghost Rider, a high budget picture based on the Marvel Comics property which is being scripted by David Goyer (Blade, Blade II) and Shane Salerno (Shaft, Armageddon) and has Nicolas Cage attached to star. Crystal Sky is also teamed with Paramount on Marvel's Deathlok and with Dimension on Marvel's Werewolf By Night.

Video games have had a mixed record at the box office from disappointments like Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros to hits including Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil.