In conjunction with UKproducers' agency Pact and the Directors' Guild of Great Britain, the Ile deFrance Film Commission has announced a conference series to be held on June 15in London.

The Ile de France commission was created in 2004 toattract producers to the region in and around Paris as well as aiding in theputting together of co-productions.

In June, two roundtables will be organized to introduce UK producers and directors to theadvantages of organising shoots and carrying out post-production activities inIle de France.

Representatives fromFrance include Francis Parny vice-president in charge of culture for the Ile deFrance region, Corinne Rufet and Olivier-Rene Veillon of the Ile de France FilmCommission, FICAM's Thierry de Segonzac, producers Bertrand Faivre, PhilippeCarcassonne and Annie Dautane, Jacques Bled of Mac Guff Ligne, Maurice Prost ofMikros Image and Vincent Lamy of RIFF International.

The conference is opento all UK producers and directors within the industry