The Central Film Censor Board of Pakistan has cleared threeHindi filmsto bereleased for the first time in forty years.

Indian Cinema was banned in Pakistan following the Indo Pak War in 1965and under its rules motion pictures linked to either an "Indianartiste" or "Indian director" are strictly prohibited in thecountry.

The three films to be released are the digitally re-masteredcolour version of the Dilip Kumar-Madhubalastarrer, Hindi classic Mughal-e-Azam, Taj Mahal, a 2005Hindi film, and Sohni Mahiwal afilm produced in 1984, all of which are set to open in Pakistani theatres inthe summer of 2006.

Taj Mahal presented by producer/director Akbar Khan at the Cannes Film Market 2005, stars Pakistaniactress Sonia Jehan, who is the grand-daughter of thelegendary Pakistani singer Noorjehan.