Four years after Gyorgy Palfi burst onto the international scene withhis debut feature, Hukkle, the director's follow-up effort, Taxidermia, has won a slewof awards at the 37th Hungarian Film Week.

Other big winners at the awards ceremony February 7 in Budapest wereSzabolcs Hajdu's White Palms, Kornel Mundruczo's Johanna, and KrizstineGoda's Just Sex and Nothing Else.

With the top prize, the Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation, theMinistry of Culture, and broadcaster TV2 will provide the Palfi with $14,000 incash and $120,000 in production services. Palfi said he would apply the figure,which amounts to roughly 20% of the budget of a Hungarian feature, to one ofhis less expensive projects.

White Palms earned Ivan Angelusz, Gabor Kovacs, Agnes Pataki andPeter Reich a Best Producer award. Peter Politzer won Best Editor for his workon the film, and cameraman Andras Nagy won Best Cinematography for his work on WhitePalms and on Johanna.

Taxidermia and White Palms shared the Gene MoskowitzPrize, awarded by foreign critics.

"Hungary exists in Europe," juror Manuel Grosso Galvan toldthe ceremony audience. "It's essential that these films be seen throughoutEurope."

Complete list of prize-winners of the 37th Hungarian Film Week, featurefilms

Main Prize: Taxidermia, Gyorgy Palfi, directorBest Director: SzabolcsHajdu White Palms
Director's Prize for Visual Expression: Tibor Szemzo A Guest of Life,Alexander Csoma de Koros
Sandor Simo Prize for Best First Film: Agnes Kocsis, for Fresh Air
Best Cinematography (ex-aequo): Andras Nagy for Johanna and WhitePalms, and Tibor Mathe Hunting for Englishmen
Best Screenplay: Krisztina Goda, Gabor Heller and Reka Divinyi Just Sex andNothing Else
Best Producer: Ivan Angelusz, Gabor Kovacs, Agnes Pataki and Peter Reich WhitePalms
Best Actress: Orsi Toth Johanna and My One and Onlies
Best Actor: Sandor Csanyi Just Sex and Nothing Else
Best Supporting Actress: Adel Stanczel Taxidermia
Best Supporting Actor: Csaba Czene Taxidermia and Miraq
Best Original Music: Zsofia Taller Johanna
Best Art Director: For Taxidermia, Adrien Asztalos (set andvisual design), Geza Szolossi (visual design, ideas), Julia Patkos (costumedesign), Hildegard Haide (make-up design), Ivan Poharnok (special make-updesign)
Golden Scissors for Best Editor: Peter Politzer White Palms
Golden Microphone for Best Sound: Tamas Zanyi A Guest of Life, AlexanderCsoma de Koros
Gene Moskowitz Prize, awarded by foreign critics: (ex-aequo) Taxidermia and WhitePalms.