US-UK distributor and producer Palm Pictures is launching what it claimsis the world's most exclusive film festival at company founder ChrisBlackwell's home in the Caribbean.

The Goldeneye FilmFestival (Dec 8-13, 2004) will invite about 100 VIP guests to Blackwell'sIsland Outpost property -- Goldeneye -- located in Oracabessa Bay, Jamaica,where some 150 films will be shown in a mix of DVD screenings and outdoorprojections.

Given the locationa James Bond theme will underpin much of the festival, but Palm says it will be"a film festival, a retreat, a conference, a music event," and also includeprivate guided tours of the region.

David Koh, Palm'shead of acquisitions and the festival's artistic director, said: "[guests] canchoose depending on [their] mood if [they] want to be private or public towhatever degree and come away with an incredibly rich viewing experience. It'sa festival on your own terms and in the most unique setting -- a place torelax, rejuvenate, recuperate and feel inspired.'

The programme willinclude a retrospective of Jamaican films, a James Bond & 007retrospective, a history of Hong Kong cinema, a Bruce Lee retrospective, a BobMarley retrospective, a special screening and panel discussion focusing onPerry Henzel's film The Harder They Come and three sidebars spanningmusic films, midnight movies and documentaries.