Production services company operates a studio complex on the island of Mallorca

Palma Pictures has opened a new office in Barcelona.

The production services company was inaugurated in 1993 and opened a studios complex on the island of Mallorca in 2000.

“It is a natural step,” Trent Walton, executive producer of Palma Pictures, told ScreenDaily. “We wanted to add some urban settings to our offer and we already have been working with Barcelona to form crews or rent equipment. The idea is to take the brand a step further.”

On Mallorca, Palma Pictures has a 4,500 square-metre studio and 40 full-time employees. “We have a very international staff so any language is not a problem,” said Walton. 

During its existence, Palma Pictures has provided services for 750 commercials, 20 films and since 2007 has operated a photoshoot service. “We believe in the potential of Spain to attract productions,” said Walton. “The weather is perfect, the professionals are highly skilled and costs are lower than other places in Europe.” 

Commenting on the difficult climate facing the Spanish film industry, Walton said: “We have a strong appeal to international producers and, for example, we just had a great success with the production in the Mallorca studios of the British show Mad Dogs for Sky 1 that has attracted more than $1.3m to the island in each season. We also have confidence that the new tax breaks that government will pass are going to be very appealing for all kinds of investors.”