The distribution arm of French sales and financing outfit Wild Bunch,Pan Europeenne Edition, has been re-baptized Wild BunchDistribution the company announced.

Wild Bunch took an interest in Pan Europeenne, adistribution and production house run by Philippe Godeau, in 2004.

Executives at the newly christened Wild Bunch Distribution remain inplace with the company headed up by Jean-Philippe Tirel.

Wild Bunch Distribution will continue to release about 20 French andforeign films per year from Pan-EuropeenneProduction, Fidelite Productions, Wild Bunch and WildSide Films along with third-party acquisitions.

Titles released by the outfit since 2004 include Les Soeurs Fachees by Alexandra Leclere, Sin City by FrankMiller and Robert Rodriguez, Land Of The Dead by George Romero, Claude Chabrol's L'IvresseDu Pouvoir and recentsleeper hit Comme T'yEs Belle! from Lisa Azuelos.

Upcoming titles include Lionel Delplanque's President,L'Homme De Sa Vieby Zabou Breitman, Cannes competitors Buenos Aires 1977 by Israel Adrian Caetano and Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth, PatriceLeconte's Mon MeilleurAmi, Moliere by Laurent Tirard, James Gray's We Own The Night and Marc Caro's Dante 01.