Rental firm Panavision has supplied three recently completed 3D films with cameras, lenses and rigs.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas was shot by Michael Barrett using Panavision’s Genesis digital cameras and 19-90mm PCZ zoom lens mounted on Element Technica Quasar rigs.

Sci-fi thriller The Darkest Hour, shot by Scott Kevan, used Sony F-35 digital film cameras mounted on Quasars and four small Sony P1 cameras on two lightweight Element Technica Neutron rigs for Steadicam work.

Arclight Films’ Bait 3D shot by Ross Emery in Australia used a combination of Quasar and Neutron rigs, Red MX cameras with the PCZ zoom lens (19-90mm) and Silicon Imaging SI2K cameras all supplied by Panavision.

In addition Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, lensed by Dariusz Wolski, completed using a Red camera and lens packages provided by Panavision, paired with rigs provided by Pace on the first unit, and Element Technica for the second unit in London.

Panavision’s inventory of 3D camera rigs includes the Quasar, Pulsar and Neutron, manufactured by Element Technica.

“As 3D technology gains momentum, Panavision has positioned itself as a player in this field,” said Phil Radin, Executive VP, Worldwide Marketing, Panavision. “We are the only rental company in the world able to supply a total 3D solution including rigs, digital cameras and lenses, and offer localised global support.”