The Panorama Dokumente series of the Berlin International Film Festival has announced its programme for 2003.

The series will open on Feb 7 with Traces Of A Dragon: Jackie Chan And His Lost Family by Mabel Cheung and Alex Law (Hong Kong, China).

The other films will be:

Comandante by Oliver Stone (Spain)
Local Angel - Theological Political Fragments by Udi Aloni (USA, Israel)
Le Chant Du Millenaire (The Song Of The Millennium) by Mohamed Zran (France, Tunisia)
The Bookstore (El Kotbia) - by Nawfel Saheb Ettaba (France, Tunisia)
Poligono Sur (Seville, South Side) by Dominique Abel (Spain)
Talk Straight - The World Of Rural Queers (Ich Kenn Keinen! - Allein unter Heteros) by Jochen Hick (Germany)
Fight Back, Fight AIDS - 15 Years Af ACT UP by James Wentzy (USA)
The Gift by Louise Hogarth (USA)
Vote For Henryk! (Herr Wichmann Von Der CDU) by Andreas Dresen (Germany)
Lothar Lambert's tribute to the Berliner film maker, Eva Ebner.
Estrangement - Is Death (Bruno S. - Die Fremde Ist Der Tod) by Miron Zownir (Germany)
The Female Knights (Die Ritterinnen) by Barbara Teufel (Germany)

And - as a homage to the film maker and co-founder of the Turn Gay&Lesbian film festival - Ottavio Mario Mai by Giovanni Minerba and Alessandro Golinelli (Italy)

Three documentary short films complete the program:

I Could Have Been Human (Moglem Byc Czlowiekiem) by Barbara Medajska (Poland)
The Fence (Haçla) by Tariq Teguia (Algeria/ France)
Just Call Me Kade by Sam Zolten (USA)