Anna Paquin and Lena Olin will head the cast of Catalan director Jaume Balaguero's much-anticipated English-language debut, Darkness.

Iain Glen, who co-starred on stage with Nicole Kidman in The Blue Room, Open Your Eyes-star Fele Martinez, Hannibal re-discovery Giancarlo Giannini, Fermi Reixach and newcomer Stephan Enquist round out the cast. The $11m thriller is produced by Spain's Filmax with backing from Miramax.

Shooting begins this week (April 26) in and around Barcelona. Balaguero, who came to international attention with his award-winning first film The Nameless (Los Sin Nombre), co-wrote the script for Darkness with Fernando de Felipe.

The film marks the fourth title out of Filmax's Fantastic Factory genre division, after Brian Yuzna's Faust, Jack Sholder's Arachnid and Stuart Gordon's Dagon.