Multicultural comedy Schnitzel Paradise, a contemporary Romeo andJuliet style story, is riding high at the Dutch box office.

The local picture has been at the top of the box office for the past twoweeks, beating international titles such as WeddingCrashers and Cinderella Man.

In ten days, Schnitzel Paradise has grossed Euros 800,000 on morethan 110,000 admissions. On a limited run of 50 prints, the screen averagestands at Euros 8,500. The audience - mostly youngsters between 13 and 23 - aswell as national critics have unanimously applauded the modern fairy tale aboutthe love between a Moroccan kitchen help and a wealthy Dutch girl.

Director Martin Koolhoven previously delivered the critically acclaimedbut commercially poorly performing films Amnesia(2001), The Cave (2001) and South (2004).

Last year, Shouf Shouf Habibi!,another comedy about a Moroccan youngster trying to find his way in prejudicedDutch society, was the best performing Dutch language feature, generating320.000 admissions.

"The Dutch audience has been waiting for another film aboutmulticultural society", said Esther Schmidt from the film's production outfitLemming Film. "Not only has the film scored well with the youth audience, butit has crossed over all ethnic boundaries."

With a budget of just Euros 950,000, SchnitzelParadise was financed by broadcaster NPS, the Dutch Film Fund anddistributor Independent Films.

Producer Lemming Film is looking for a sales agent to represent the filminternationally.