Belgian distributor Paradiso Entertainment closed a series of package deals at MIFED with New Line Cinema, Good Machine International and Beyond International.

Having previously handled New Line's Rush Hour it snapped up Rush Hour 2 and Nick Cassavetes' hospital-set hostage drama John Q, which is now in production with Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall and Anne Heche. It also bought Jason X, Crystal Lake Entertainment's futuristic horror thriller, directed by James Isaac.

From Good Machine, Paradiso bought the Coen brother's The Barber Movie, which stars Billy Bob Thornton, Frances McDormand and James Gandolfini, and Session 9, Brad Anderson's drama about asbestos removal workers racing against time in a lunatic asylum.

From Beyond Films, Paradiso bought Australian black comedy Chopper and Lynne Stopkewich's Venice drama Suspicious River. From Miramax Paradiso took forthcoming Robert De Niro project, The Italian.

In all cases, except Suspicious River on which it has no French-speaking, TV or video rights, Paradiso bought rights in all media throughout the Benelux region.