Netherlands-based distributor Paradiso Filmed Entertainment has announcedthe renewal of its output deal with French sales and finance outfit Wild Bunch.

Encompassing the theatrical release in Belgium and the Netherlands of 25titles including George Romero's Land Of The Dead, Thomas Clay's TheGreat Ecstasy Of Robert Carmichael, Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming Pan'sLabyrinth and Nanni Moretti's The Caiman, which Wild Bunch recentlyboarded, the deal is expected to run for more than two years.

It's a continuation of an all-rights arrangement first struck inSeptember, 2001, which has already been renewed once and marks Paradiso's onlyoutput deal.

Paradiso CEO Martien Uyttendaele said: "Wild Bunch has played animportant role in the growth of our company' Their new slate is the best ever,so I am looking forward to it."

Other titles include Abel Ferrara's Mary, Anthony Cordier's ColdShowers, Emmanuelle Bercot's Backstage, Emir Kusturica's upcoming Maradonaalong with Richard Kelly's Southland Tales and the remake of 1978's Piranhato be directed by Chuck Russell.

According to Wild Bunch's Vincent Maraval: "Paradiso and Wild Bunch[have] built a strong, complementary and durable relationship."

Paradiso's vice president Erik Engelen, added that the deal "involvesmost Wild Bunch titles except where there is a Belgian co-producer."

* Additional reporting by Fionnuala Halligan in London