A new film commission has been created in the north of Paris, with the aim of luring productions to the area.

The Pole Nord-Parisien has brought together 8 municipalities which will participate in the new organisation in order to attract producers to shoot in what is a particularly urban zone.

Benoit Caron, head of France's National Film Commission (CNF) explained that Pole Nord-Parisien "will act as an extra office for us."

The Ile de France region - which encompasses Paris and its suburbs - has been planning to launch its own film commission, but has taken a long time to get it off the ground.

As a result, the Pole Nord decided to launch its own office. Caron says the Ile de France commission will be operational by the end of the year.

The north of Paris is rife with post-production facilities and industry suppliers which could benefit from a local commission. It is also an area where Luc Besson is rumoured to be scouting for a location to install a full service Hollywood style studio.

Besson has apparently had difficulties convincing the local administration that his plans for a studio would have a positive impact on the region. Upcoming elections could change that. Besson's team is reported to be continuing to studying plans for the studio.