UK exhibition major UGC cinemas is expected to generate£1.7m ($3.1m) from a £1 ($1.82) price rise for its loyalty passes.

The company, which was bought last year by Cine UK, has140,000 subscribers allowing a small rise to make a big difference to itsrevenue line.

The company hasn't upped the cost of its standard and 'unlimited'pass since 2000 and believes the increased cost will not scare off manycustomers. They will now cost £10.99 ($19.98) and £12.99 ($23.62) respectively.

The loyalty card system has not been universally popularanywhere in Europe.

In France, rivals took UGC claiming it was anti-competitivebut lost.

Some distributors also expressed concern about the passes.UIP stopped supplying UGC in July 2000 in a disagreement about payments.

The controversy has waned but UIP president and COO AndrewCripps sdmits: "I'm not a big fan and I don't think they work very well as amarketing tool for exhibitors either. They devalue film."