The UK's FilmFour and Pathe have formed an initial two-year alliance to jointly acquire and distribute large-budget films in the UK.

Under the terms of the collaboration, the companies aim to pick up at least two titles over the next twelve months, and will split profits equally. The companies will also share acquisition and distribution costs, as well as marketing and distribution strategy decisions.

Marking the start of the alliance is the acquisition of K-Pax, a fantasy drama from Intermedia/IMF2, toplining Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. Currently in production, K-Pax is directed by Iain Softley and produced by Larry Gordon for Universal Pictures, which has domestic distribution.

K-Pax tells the story of a mysterious new patient at a mental hospital (Spacey), who claims to come from a distant planet. Jeff Bridges plays a psychiatrist who witnesses the extraordinary effect that this so-called alien is having on his other patients.

FilmFour will distribute the film theatrically, with Pathe handling subsequent DVD and video distribution. The two companies will take turns to physically distribute future pick-ups.