As the threat of war intensifies, Indian filmmakers are rushing to make patriotic movies, with five separate films about the famous Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, in various stages of production.

Bhagat Singh was hanged on March 23, 1931 for his uprising against the British. There have already been three films made on his life and now five different films are in production in Mumbai.

Vijeyta Films' 24 March 1937 Shaheed, Iqbal Singh Dhillion's Shaheed E Azam and Tips Films' The Legend Of Bhagat Singh are all completed and ready for release.

The fourth film on the same subject is by pop singer-turned-actor, Harbhajan Singh Maan, to be directed by Tarun Wadhwa. Lastly, Filmmaker Keval Kashyap's film about Bhagat Singh is to be scripted by veteran Indian filmmaker Manoj Kumar who specialises in patriotic films and who had himself played the lead in a version of Singh's life story thirty eight years ago.

Shaheed E Azam is set to open on May 31, a week ahead of Vijeyta Films' 24 March 1937 Shaheed and Tips Films' The Legend Of Bhagat Singh.