Adding an extra $6.8 million thispast weekend, Luc Jacquet's documentary March Of The Penguins has becomethe second highest grossing French film in the history of the North Americanbox office.

The film, whose run beganin June, has now taken in over $37m and is being handled in the US by boutiquedistributor Warner Independent Pictures.

Penguins has surpassed Jean-PierreJeunet's Amelie which took $34m for Miramax three years ago. LucBesson's The Fifth Element, released by Columbia in 1997, remains thetop French film with $66m in receipts.

Originally released on fourscreens, the film is currently running on over 2000. French production companyBonne Pioche produced the little film which is also the second most successfuldocumentary in US history behind Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.

French distributor Buena VistaInternational, which also co-produced the film, released it locally in Januaryfor more than 1.8 million admissions.

The documentary looks at theannual journey of Emperor penguins as they march - single file - to theirtraditional breeding ground