Thenominations for the 43rd Golden Horse Awards for Chinese-language cinema wereannounced today in Taipei. Titles competing for Best Feature Film arePatrick Tam's After This Our Exile, Ning Hao's Crazy Stone, Johnnie To's Exiled, Peter Chan's Perhaps Love and Su Chao-pin's Silk.

MusicalPerhapsLove dominates the race to thefinishing line with 12 nominations including Best Director and a Best LeadingActress nod for Zhou Xun. Patrick Tam's After This Our Exile secured seven nominations, including a LeadingActor nomination for last year's winner Aaron Kwok.

Reflectingthe even spread of the results, Feng Xiaogang's Oscar candidate TheBanquet and Taiwan supernatural thriller Silk secured five nominations each, while six filmssecured four nominations each: Ning's Crazy Stone, Leste Chen's Eternal Summer, Exiled, Tian Zhuangzhuang's TheGo Master and Pang Bros' Re-cycle.

Twounexpected inclusions in the final nomination list are Tian'sThe Go Master and Wu Mi-sen's amour-LEGENDE. Neitherfilm was strictly eligible for the awards which demands that all submissionsare primarily in a Chinese language dialect.Festival changed regulations at the eleventh hour to assure theirinclusion.

Amongthe surprises is the lack of a Best Director nomination for AfterThis Our Exile's PatrickTam. Unusually, Exile's Goum Ian Iskander (aka Ng King-to), EternalSummer's Joseph Chang and Da-Yu:The Touch of Fate's WuChung-tien each go head-to-head in both the Best Supporting Actor and BestNewcomer categories.

Perhaps Love, which premiered in Venice in September 2005, was eligible for inclusion inlast year's Golden Horse Awards but chose not to submit.


Best Feature Film:
After This Our Exile (dir. Patrick Tam)
Crazy Stone(dir. Ning Hao)
Exiled (dir.Johnnie To)
Perhaps Love(dir. Peter Chan)
Silk (dir. SuChao-pin)

Best Director:
Ning Hao (CrazyStone)
Johnnie To (Exiled)
Peter Chan (PerhapsLove)
Su Chao-pin (Silk)

Best Leading Actor:
Aaron Kwok (AfterThis Our Exile)
Sam Lee (DogBite Dog)
Chang Chen (TheGo Master)
Francis Ng (WoHu)

Best Leading Actress:
Carina Lau (CuriosityKills the Cat)
Zhou Xun (PerhapsLove)
Siqin Gaowa (ThePostmodern Life of my Aunt)
Angelica Lee (Re-cycle)

Best Supporting Actor:
Goum Ian Iskander (AfterThis Our Exile)
Joseph Chang (EternalSummer)
Chapman To (Moonlightin Tokyo)
Wu Chung-tien (Da-Yu:The Touch of Fate)

Best Supporting Actress:
Pearlly Chua (IDon't Want to Sleep Alone)
Amy Chum (MyMother is a Belly Dancer)
Vicki Zhao (ThePostmodern Life of My Aunt)
Nikki Shie (Reflections)

Best New Performer:
Goum Ian Iskander (AfterThis Our Exile)
Bryant Chang (EternalSummer)
Joseph Chang (EternalSummer)
Wu Chung-tien (Da-Yu:The Touch of Fate)

Best Original Screenplay:
Patrick Tam & Tian Koi Leong (After This Our Exile)
Ning Hao (CrazyStone)
Su Chao-pin (Silk)
Pan Chih-yuan & LiuHsueh-jung (Da-Yu: The Touch of Fate)

Best Screenplay Adaption:
Edmond Wong (Dragon Tiger Gate)
Ning Dai & Zhang Yuan (LittleRed Flowers)
Li Qiang (ThePostmodern Life of My Aunt)

Best Cinematography:
Mark Lee (AfterThis Our Exile)
Zhang Li (TheBanquet )
Wang Yu (TheGo Master)
Peter Pau (PerhapsLove)

Best Visual Effects:
Eddy Wong & Victor Wong (AChinese Tall Story)
Ho Siu-lun & Pornpol Sakarin(Perhaps Love)
Ng Yuen-fai (Re-cycle)
Foo Sing-choong (Silk)

Best Art Direction:
Tim Yip (TheBanquet)
Emi Wada & Etsuko Aiko (TheGo Master)
Yee Chung-man & Pater Wong (PerhapsLove)
Narongchal Aunn-ja (Re-cycle)

Best Make-up & CostumeDesign:
Patrick Tam & Tu Hsu-chung (AfterThis Our Exile)
Tim Yip (TheBanquet)
Emi Wada (TheGo Master)
Yee Chung-man & Dora Ng (PerhapsLove)

Best Action Choreography:
Donnie Yen (DragonTiger Gate)
Ling Chun-pong & WongChi-wai (Exiled)
Yuen Wo-ping (Fearless)
Stephen Tung & Farah Khan (PerhapsLove)

Best Original Film Score:
Tan Dun (TheBanquet)
Lim Giong (DoOver)
Peter Kam & Leon Ko (PerhapsLove)
Peter Kam (Silk)

Best Original Film Song:
Sheng Heyu (TheBanquet)
Chen Shin-hung (EternalSummer)
Chris Shum (PerhapsLove)
Teresa Chang (Reflections)

Best Film Editing:
Du Yuan (CrazyStone)
Chen Po-wen (DoOver)
David Richardson (Exiled)
Wenders Li & Kong Chi-leung(Perhaps Love)

Best Sound Effects:
Tu Duu-chih, Guo Li-chi, KeYijun (amour-LEGENDE)
Tu Duu-chih & TangShiang-chu (I Don't Want to Sleep Alone)
Kinson Tsang (PerhapsLove)
Jadet Chawang (Re-cycle)

Best Documentary:
Doctor (CreamProduction Company)
My Football Summer(Serenity Entertainment International)

Best Short Film:
BlackNight: Next Door (FilmkoEntertainment)
53Flower House (London Film School)
Dayson the Crosswalk (National Taiwan University of Arts)
TheSecret in the Wind (National Taiwan University of Arts & Portico Media)

Formosan Film Award:
Days on the Crosswalk (National Taiwan University of Arts)
Do Over (TopFilm Company & Leader Entertainment)
Da-Yu: The Touch of Fate (TLF Production)

Formosan Person Award:
Kuo Li-chi, Pan Chih-yuan &Berlin Chen