Producer JacquesPerrin has responded to threats of legal action by the father of one of thesingers in Christophe Barratier's Oscar nominated The Chorus by saying he will only answer to thecourts.

FrancisHartmann, whose daughter sang on the award winning soundtrack, has alleged thather participation has not been properly remunerated. It was reported earlierthis month that he is considering bringing suit against Perrin's Galatee Filmswhich produced the movie.

In a statement,Perrin said, 'Other illegitimate or exorbitant claims may arise. GalateeFilms, as is its right, will only respond in the courts,' said Perrin.

He went on toclarify what he called the 'amazing' results of the film reported inthe press by saying, 'I feel it is necessary to re-establish economicreality.' As of December 31, 2004, Perrin said that the film had earnedEuros 35.5 million in local release, Euros 2.7 million internationally andEuros 21 million in video sales. 'Galatee Films netted Euros 7.1 million, far from the Euros 100million that is often quoted.' He added that the film's cost was Euros 6.9million.

The Chorus sold 8.5 million tickets in France andwas nominated for two Oscars including best original song and best foreignlanguage film. Its soundtrack sold 1.5 million copies.