Peter Mullan's Magdalene will be one of the projects seeking financing partners at CineMart, the industry market at January's International Film Festival Rotterdam.

The UK actor-director's follow-up to his well-received directing debut Orphans joins another nine titles so far confirmed for this year's event. Also on offer are L'Amour En Blue by Peter Delpeut; Nonze Nimibutr's A Comrade Symphony; Halcyon, by Karim Traidia; Un Homme Un Vrai, by Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu; Hashiguchi Ryosuke's Hush; Greta Schiller's Paris Was A Woman; Katrin Ottarsdottir's Playing House; Sugimori Hidenori's Woman Of Water; and Ntsaveni Wa Luruli's The Wooden Camera.

CineMart has also teamed with local financing body the Rotterdam Film Fund through a four-year partnership between the fund and the festival. The fund has earmarked $60,000 a year for CineMart titles.

Projects qualifying for financing through the partnership are at least in part to shoot in Rotterdam. Alternatively, film-makers may use the region's post-production facilities.

Former CineMart projects that will screen at the upcoming festival, which runs January 24 to February 4, include Clara Law's Goddess Of 1967 and Bela Tarr's Werkmeister Harmonies. The market is also launching an on-line service for this edition.