The Producers Guild Of America's 2009 Vanguard Award will go to MySpace CEO and co-founder Chris DeWolfe and president and co-founder Tom Anderson.

The award, which recognises outstanding achievements in new media and technology, will be presented at the 2009 Producers Guild Awards in Hollywood on January 24. DeWolfe and Anderson created the online community and lifestyle portal in 2003 and sold it to News Corporation in 2005.

'Just like the entertainment industry, the MySpace culture revolves around the self expression and creativity of our global community and empowers users to embrace technology to become their own content creators,' DeWolfe said. 'It's a marketing tool for studios and yet-to-be-discovered talent alike.'

'The MySpace platform has helped to foster and nurture amazing creative talents across all entertainment arenas,' Anderson added. 'We will continue to provide our users with new tools and opportunities to experiment with technology.'

'Tom and Chris created a lifestyle portal that redefines the internet for people around the world.' Producers Guild Of America Awards co-chairs David T Friendly and Laurence Mark said. 'Their vision resulted in an environment where society interacts at a whole new level.'