Start-up Indian production company Phat Phish has brought on board veteran sales agent Kathy Morgan as a consultant in its aim to secure international distribution for a slate of independent Indian features.

Morgan will be helping the company pre-sell some of its upcoming projects and will advise on finding a sales agent for completed productions such as Toronto title Frozen.

Originally a commercials production and music company, Phat Phish moved into film production earlier this year. It aims to produce and market quality films that fall outside of the Bollywood mainstream song-and-dance formats.

'We want to make quality films but we're also aware that this is a business and want to find a market for these films beyond the festival circuit,' said Phat Phish Motion Pictures CEO Sanjay Bhattacharjee.

The company's first productions include Shivajee Chandrabhusan's Frozen, which screened at Toronto and won the jury award at this year's Cinefan festival in Delhi; black comedy The Fakir Of Venice, directed by Phat Phish founder Anand Surapur, and Quick Gun Murugun, billed as a tribute to Spaghetti Westerns.

The company is also developing The Stamp Collector, based on the short story No Letter From Mother by Vishwapriya Iyengar, which is set to be directed by Francesca DiAmico and produced by Carli Posner next year.

While India has a growing appetite for niche product, due to the multiplex boom and emerging middle classes, Bhattacharjee said the company aims to release its films overseas to create a buzz before distributing them in the Indian market.