Clara enjoys a normal, happy marriage with Pierre, a young lawyer with a bright future. When her mother dies suddenly, Clara finds herself lumbered with the care of her younger sister, Lily, and learns, over time, that ‘normal’ is subjective.

Prod companies Le Bureau - Le Petit Bureau, Canal Plus (coproducer), Ciné Cinéma (coproducer)

Backers Canal+, CineCinémas, Régions Ile de France et Paca, Banque Populaires Images 10

Producers Bertrand Faivre

Intl sales SND

French Distribution Haut & Court

Director Fabienne Berthaud

Screenplay Fabienne Berthaud, Pascal Arnold

Production Design Jean-Christophe Colson   

Cast Diane Kruger, Ludivine Sagnier

Shooting dates August - October 2009

Contact; Ph: +33 1 40 33 33 8à

Budget 3M Euros

Relase Date 2nd semester 2009