Pierre Weisbein, the former head of sales at StudioCanal and Senator International, has joined Goldcrest Films International as executive vice president of sales.

Weisbein, who most recently served with his own company Green Room Pictures, will lead the company's new films division as it builds its inaugural slate. Goldcrest plans to invest up to 30% of the production budget through a combination of equity, post and gap funding.

'Goldcrest is a brand that has been around for 30 years,' Weisbein said. 'Its library is one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood. The company has the financial tools, spirit and people to relaunch itself as a solid player in the new film production and sales arena, and I am exited to help deliver on that vision.'

'We have so much to offer,' Goldcrest Film International director Nick Quested said. 'We feel Pierre is a perfect complement to a team that is already selling a library with 19 Oscars and 28 Baftas.'

Weisbein has led sales campaign for more than 50 films such as The Grudge, White Noise, The Assassination Of Richard Nixon, The Pianist, Mulholland Drive, and Apocalypse Now Redux.

He recently arranged the domestic sale for Daniele Thompson's Avenue Montaigne to THINKFilm.