Pinewood Sheppertonsaid there were no casualties involved at the "serious fire" that broke out atthe 007 stage this weekend. Damage was so extensive that the studio expects tohave to demolish and rebuild the famed stage.

The roof of the 45,000-square-footstage caved in from fire damage.

Pinewood said that there was"no significant collateral damage to any other assets at the Pinewood site."The rest of the studio site will be fully functional by the end of the day.

More than 60 fire-fighterswere called in to battle the blaze. The cause of the fire hasn't beendetermined.

There was no filming on the007 stage at the time the fire broke out. The production of Casino Royalehad finished its shooting and was in the process of dismantling and removingits set, which included recreations of Venice.

The soundstage was built forthe 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Meand previously burnt down in 1984.

Pinewood Sheppertonsaid its insurance policies cover the company against damage or lossesresulting from fires, including resulting loss of earnings. Pinewood said thatit didn't expect the fire to have any material impact on the financialperformance of the company this year.