UK studio Pinewood Shepperton has revised its plans for new studio facilities, sets and housing next to its site in Buckinghamshire.

Project Pinewood originally envisaged building 2,250 homes but following consultation with local residents that number has been reduced to 1,500. Almost 70% of the site will now remain as open space.

'We have scaled the plans back. In order to preserve more of the green area, we have gone up in height', Pinewood Shepperton Group Corporate Affairs Director Andrew Smith said.

Other revisions to the plans for the living and working community include training and education facilities on site. A primary school, health facilities, shops and sports areas will all form part of the development.

In addition, Pinewood and the National Film and Television School have been considering the possibility of a Screen Craft Academy. The Academy would offer courses in costume and wardrobe, wig-making, prop making and stunts, among others. The studio already plays host to Apple's largest professional training centre in Europe

Under the project plans, the studio will have permanent sets including New York's Tribeca district, Montmartre in Paris and New Orleans. Recent film and TV productions shot at the studios include Mamma Mia, Sweeney Todd, The Bourne Ultimatum and Weakest Link.

While the plans are focused on attracting those in the film and TV industries, Pinewood Shepperton hopes to draw those from other sectors such as architecture, fashion, music and advertising. Smith envisages the site as 'a central creative hub of Europe'.