Gary Demos, a pioneering motion picture technologist in the motionpicture industry, will receive the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesGordon E Sawyer Award in recognition of his scientific contributions to film.

Demos, along with John Whitney Jr, established the Motion PictureProject at Information International to produce computer-generated simulatedscenes for such movies as Futureworld and Tron.

He received his first scientific and engineering award withWhitney Jr in 1984 for the practical simulation of motion picture photographyby means of computer-generated images, and shared the award with others 10years later for groundbreaking work in the field of film input scanning.

In 1995 he shared a technical achievement award for his role inthe creation of the digital productions digital film compositing system.

Demos will collect his honour at the Scientific and TechnicalAwards dinner on Feb 18 at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

'He's beeninvolved in many different scientific disciplines throughout his extendedcareer and has always been looking to the future,' Academy president SidGanis said.