Good things come in threes, as Shrek The Third knocked Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End off the top spot this weekend. The royal ogre grossed $46.6m over the three-day period - an 86% increase after expanding to an additional 11 territories.

Pirates held on strongly to second place, generating $35.3m from 104 territories and Ocean's Thirteen was not far behind, taking $25.4m in its second weekend. Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer sits comfortably at number four, generating $25.2m in its first weekend. And Bollywood romantic comedy Jhoom Barabar Jhoom danced straight into the top 10 taking $2.8m across 17 territories, while Japanese comedy Maiko Haaaan!!! opened with a bang at home, grossing $1.8m in its first weekend.

Cop spoof Hot Fuzz re-entered the chart after opening in Germany, while Vacancy, Mr Brooks and Irina Palm also re-surfaced.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(3)Shrek The Third (US)$46,644,0013,563$108,265,69732
2(1)Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (US)$35,305,00011,548$549,380,000104
3(2)Ocean's Thirteen (US)$25,497,0934,879$67,693,83437
4NewFantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)$25,194,7303,292$25,194,73032
5(5)Zodiac (US)$3,122,5331,888$38,117,54244
6(4)Spider-Man 3 (US)$3,022,3553,914$543,856,04265
7NewJhoom Barabar Jhoom (Ind)$2,823,748542$2,823,74817
8(28)Hostel Part II (US)$2,033,351712$2,656,90512
9(7)Death Proof (US)$1,973,060999$8,612,83215
10NewMaiko Haaaan!!! (Jap)$1,883,129287$1,883,1291
11(10)Conversations With My Gardener (Fr)$1,557,203542$4,124,3672
12(6)300 (US)$1,499,941515$240,638,2236
13(8)Fracture (US)$1,471,4781,074$30,789,208166
14(34)Wild Hogs (US)$1,420,000954$80,712,00019
15NewSivaji (Ind)$1,324,861358$1,324,86115
16*Vacancy (US)$1,138,159318$1,714,5513
17(9)Hwang Jin Yi (S Kor)$1,128,435424$6,953,0721
18(11)Surf's Up (US)$1,076,118400$4,414,5552
19(35)Bridge To Terabithia (US)$1,048,916668$41,820,41410
20(15)Happily N'Ever After (US-Ger)$908,219470$14,252,3136
21*Hot Fuzz (UK-US-Fr)$892,598406$51,028,58110
22(12)Dai Nipponjin (Jap)$729,198221$6,797,1601
23(19)Are We Done Yet' (US)$701,910290$6,518,8924
24NewMr Cinema (Chi)$695,874342$695,8742
25NewLove And Other Disasters (Fr-US-UK)$669,327177$2,009,6671
26*Mr Brooks (US)$666,115274$1,404,6185
27(23)The Messengers (US)$621,522443$15,872,3648
28NewGomez Vs Tavares (Bel-Fr)$619,519338$619,5191
29*Irina Palm (Bel-Lux-UK-Ger-Fr)$517,017174$1,993,7902
30(14)Secret Sunshine (S Kor)$495,782184$10,031,3021
31(18)Premonition (US)$495,214497$22,905,5599
32(16)The Prestige (US)$479,841255$54,806,1151
33(24)Meet The Robinsons (US)$445,000592$53,459,00014
34(21)Cheeni Kum (Ind)$436,837251$7,158,88212
35(20)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr)$428,211894$183,370,38728
36(32)The Lives Of Others (Ger)$416,413273$58,769,15615
37(25)Wedding Daze (US)$415,228304$3,969,7561
38(22)Shootout At Lokhandwala (Ind)$409,357298$7,901,84712
39NewThe Substitute (Den)$391,30361$391,3031
*Re-entry. For the full chart, see (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady