In its seventh consecutiveweekend on release, Buena Vista International (BVI)'s Pirates Of TheCaribbean: Dead Man's Chest led theinternational box office with a $25.5m take from 51 territories on 6,222screens.

The blockbuster has nowtaken $522.7m, the 12th biggest gross in history. Globally the filmhas reached $923.8m, marking it out as Disney's biggest ever release, havingnow overtaken Finding Nemo whichfinished its run at $866.9m. In worldwide figure terms, Pirates 2 is now sixth and should surpass Star Wars:Episode I: The Phantom Menace ($924.3m)and The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers ($926.3m) by Monday or Tuesday to reach number four.

The film held the top spotin Spain, taking $5.1m from 788 screens and bringing its total to $24.6m afterten days.

It took $4.8m from 750screens in France, falling 40% in its third weekend to bring its cumulativetotal to $37.4m.

It took $4.1m from 711 sitesin Japan after five weekends of release, bringing its total in the territory to$69.3m.

It took $3.5m from 1,383screens in Germany where it remains number one for the fourth straight weekend.Its total is now $52.4m.

It took $1.9m from 471 sitesin the UK in its seventh weekend, bringing its total to $89m.

BVI's other big picture Carstook $3.1m from 2,617 sites in 29territories, bringing its total to $145m and Italy, Finland, Norway and Chinaall set to open next weekend. Best performing territory was the UK where itranked second in the market with $1.9m from 501 sites and a territory total of$23.3m after four weeks on release.

Second at the internationalbox office this weekend was Universal's Miami Vice which took a powerful $13m from 2,500 sites in 31territories, raising its international total to $38m.

The movie opened in 11territories including France where it came in top with $5.2m from 687 screens,giving UIP its biggest opening day of the year and the fifth biggest openingday of a US film in France this year. Belgium also opened well with $0.65m from53 sites

Meanwhile the film held atnumber one in Australia its second weekend with $0.98m from 231 screens for a$3.5m total and took $1.7m in the UK from 403 sites for a total of $11.6m.

Also fromUniversal, United 93took $2.2m from 650 screens in 20 territories to bring its total to $21.8m so far;among the nine opening markets was Australia where the film was number fivewith $0.44m from 181 screens and Mexico where it was also number five with$0.33m from 120.

Universal's TheBreak-Up took $3.7m from1,500 sites in 37 territories, bringing its total to $61m, The Fast And TheFurious: Tokyo Drifttook $1.8m from 1,900 for a total of $80m and Japan still to open on Sept 16,and You, Me And Dupreetook $1.7m from 525 sites in six territories for an early total of $8.2m. Amongthe Dupree openings wasRussia where it grossed $0.65m from 185 sites.

Third at theinternational box office was Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties aka Garfield 2 which took $8m from 4,500 screens in 36markets. The family sequel had strong openings in Russia ($2.1m from 350 screens),Italy ($1.7m from 340) and Belgium ($0.94m from 80) to bring its internationaltotal to $51m.

Garfield also continues to perform well in itssecond weekend in China, taking $1.1m on 700 screens for a total of 4.4m. Themovie is set to beat Fox's Ice Age 2 in the territory.

Fox openedcomedy John Tucker Must Die in two markets over the weekend, taking $1.6m from 300 screens.The film took $1.5m in the UK on 275 screens and $103,000 in Sweden on 25.

Comedy MySuper Ex-Girlfriend took$2.5m from 900 screens in 11 markets including Korea where it opened on $0.9mon 132 screens and Taiwan on $0.33m on 82. Its total to date is $11.1m.

Thriller TheSentinel took $1.2m overthe weekend on 900 screens in 20 territories for a total of $15.5m. Its biggestopening was Argentina where it grossed $0.14m on 40 screens. Fox also reporteda strong opening for Thank You For Smoking in Brazil - $0.15m on 37 screens for an international totalso far of $2.5m.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational (WBPI) scored the fourth biggest film of the weekend with SupermanReturns which took $7.87m from 3,500prints. The adventure epic has now taken $166m in total.

The film openedat number one in Japan with $3.46m on 517 prints, beating Batman Begins by 39% and X-Men 2 by 10%.

Germany openedto $1.86m from 667 prints, placing it second behind Pirates 2. Warner said results were on a par with BatmanBegins.

Other WBPItitles in the marketplace included The Lake House which took $2.5m from 1,500 prints tobring its total to $40.3m, and Lady In The Water which took $1.35m from 419 prints for atotal to date of $4.77m

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) had a strong weekend for its animated picture MonsterHouse, which took $4.7m on 1,475screens in 14 markets. The film took $1.7m in the UK, a drop of just 13% fromits opening weekend, bringing its market total to $5.9m. And in Korea, itgrossed $1.5m in its second weekend, a 31% drop, to bring its total to $6.1m.

SPRI's Click took $4m from 1,200 theatres in 23 markets for atotal of $26m so far. It opened top in Mexico with $1.7m on 418 screens forAdam Sandler's biggest ever opening in the territory, and remained top inBrazil with $1m from 180 screens and a $2.5m total.

Paramount's Over TheHedge took $2.4m from 2,746 sites tobring its total to $150m including Japan and Korea which are not UIPterritories. Among the key holdovers were Germany which took $0.44m from 624sites for a $20.5m total and the UK which took $0.225m from 257 for a $22.9mtotal.

Nacho Libre took $2.1m from 885 sites for an early total of$8.6m. Among the opening territories were Spain which took $0.25m from 152 andMalaysia which took $0.1m from 26. The comedy continued to play well in the UKwith a $1.1m gross from 364 sites for a $4.6m total and in Mexico, where it isset, with $0.6m from 296 for a $2.5m total.

Paramount's Mission:Impossible 3, nearing the end of itsrun, took $0.9m from 736 sites, bringing its total to $259.6m.