Alan McElroy, thescreenwriter whose credits include Spawn, Halloween 4: The Return Of MichaelMyers, Wrong Turn and Ballistic:Ecks Vs Sever, has been hired towrite Bonesaw, an $18mcomputer-generated horror movie to be produced by LA-based Platinum Studios andVancouver-based computer animation specialists The Shop Productions.

The film is based on theupcoming graphic novel by Scottish writer Rob Moran which is part of theextensive library of comic book characters and properties owned by Platinum.

Talent management,production and venture capital firm Relativity Management (Land Of The Dead) is co-financing and arranging the internationalfinancing elements on the film.

Production on Bonesaw is scheduled to begin in early 2006 and be completedby the end of 2007.

Platinum and The Shop arealso partnered up for CGI movie Dylan Dog: The Fourth Kingdom, based on the popular Italian comic books to whichPlatinum again has rights.

Bonesaw is about a horror-fantasy writer who discovers thather novels are about to release the villain Bonesaw and the other hellishcreatures she has created into the world.

"This represents anotherchance for us to redefine what CGI storytelling is all about and to show theworld how far you can go," said The Shop's co-founder Ian Pearson.

Platinum chairman ScottMitchell Rosenberg will produce alongside Pearson and Aaron L. Gilbert,co-founders of The Shop. Platinum's director of development, AaronSeverson, and director of production, Jay Burns, will co-produce.